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JC  Taekwondo

WTF offcial uniforms.

As one of martial arts which emphasize mental training, taekwondo can be said to be the people's traditional output that retains a philosophical and mental world. Specifically, the ideology of national defense of Buddhism, the ideology of filial piety of Confucianism, and the ideology of unspoken action of taoism based upon Korean people' unique Zen ideology is precisely that. there are as many as 182 countries which have joined World Taekwondo Federation (as of september 2009), and Taekwondo is being recognized as a global martial art by its selection as an official event at 2000 Sydney Olympics and so on.


Therefore, we have visually revealed the meaning of the color and Taekwondo philosophy by borrowing a traditional image that retains the philosophy and world view of Korean people, a design, and five azimuth colors which is a traditional color. Also, we designed it by supplementing the pragmatic aspect while making use of the tradition of dressing histhry. Moreover, we drew close to the globalization of Taekwondo as well as th universal and valid values.

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